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We’re proud to own the premier pizzeria in Dallas, TX. With both delicious and affordable oven-baked pizza pies, we pride ourselves on offering high quality, tasty pizzas that bring our customers back time and time again.

What sets our pizza restaurant apart from its competitors is that our ingredients aren’t limited to just the standards like pepperoni and cheese. You can include ingredients like jalapenos, potatoes, and pineapple as well. You can choose to combine ingredients any way you like, such as just having tomatoes, bell peppers, and cheese. If you aren’t feeling in the pizza mood, we have a full menu of other tasty options, like pasta, calzones and Dallas hot wings.

It is our goal to maximize the value we offer to our customers at our pizzeria. For instance, late night food, pizza delivery and takeout services are available, for your convenience. We are also always looking for feedback on how we can improve to meet the desires of our customers. In our minds, the customer is always first. Call Greenville Avenue Pizza Company today for the best pizza in Dallas, TX!

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  • Best Pizza and Hot Wings in Town
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